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Abacus Energy Solutions

Complete comfort and efficiency problems solved daily.

At Abacus, we provide you with cost effective solutions to increase the comfort, efficiency, safety and longevity of your home. Our services include seizmic retrofitting and special deals on solar panels with the easiest, lowest-cost financing unavailable elsewhere. Be the envy of your neighbors!

Abacus Energy Solutions, LLC is a founding contractor of Weatherize for Good (  Since inception, Weatherize for Good and Abacus Energy Solutions, LLC have given over $12,000 back to community organizations.  

With our “triple bottom-line” approach to business, we strengthen our community while providing you, the homeowner with a clear pathway to maximize the greatest return on your biggest asset - your home. 

  • Established:  2009

  • Years with Enhabit:  7

  • High Road Standards:

  • Enhabit Awards:

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